We offer weekly classes on Bhasa (Language), Samskara (Moral), Yoga (Meditation) and Vedanta (Philosophical) for kids and grown ups.


Teach different Indian dialects which includes Bengali class, Hindi class and Oriya class. Class are on a weekly basis. These languages help our kids understand different cultures and enables them to communicate with their extended family members including grand parents which helps to create the emotional bonding which is essential for their complete growth and will enable them to be proud of their own culture.


Weekly class on moral and ethical values directed to make the kids understand the higher goal in life.


Weekly Yoga and Meditation classes for both adults and kids help to develop healthy body, mind and spirit in an integrated and balanced way which is essential to live in harmony and peace in a society.


This program is designed to teach the philosophical value of human life and its relationship with world and universal consciousness.

3 Kids Groups According to Age

Kids are grouped according to their age so that there is a homogenous mix and they all are more or less at the same stage of their childhood.

Abodha literally means Innocent which is the Toddler stage. Balya means Child; while Kishora is for Adolescent.

Kids Group Name Age Group
ABODHA 3 to 5 Years
BALYA 6 to 10 Years
KISHORA 11 to 18 Years


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